Things to do in Vancouver

  • Vancouver here we come

    Bike Taxis arrive in Vancouver Tikki Tikki Pedicabs arrive in their 5th country When you’ve worked as an Agrochemical research chemist, given it up to cycle the world, taught English in Japan, been a bike messenger in 4 countries, and run a pedicab businesses in 4 cities, you are going to eventually want to settle […]

  • Mirror Mirror on the wall….

    Reflecting Design, mirrors on three wheels. Introducing our latest sponsor, Reflecting Design – artisan convex mirrors. We were recently approached by Reflecting Design a mirror manufacturer from Vancouver with the idea of advertising their beautiful convex mirrors on the rear of our pedicabs. Matthew Buck, the owner of the mirror business, has been designing and building […]

  • Which pedicab should you buy?

    Which pedicab should you buy and why? In this post we take a look at the Maxpro Ecotaxi Pedicab, and give you six compelling reasons why it is the best pedicab on the market. So you’ve decided you want to get into the pedicab business, you are excited about the prospect of being your own […]

  • Tikki Tikki Auckland

    Kiwis can’t fly but they can roll Tikki Tikki Auckland was where it all began. In 2007 we rocked up to Auckland, NZ fresh from riding across the USA and working as bike messengers in San Francisco. We noticed that the council of Auckland had 8 cycles maximus and 6 mainstreet pedicabs in disrepair and […]

  • Lift Expo Advertising

    Advertising Vancouver’s Conventions The convention centre’s ticket sales get a Lift from outdoor advertising. We would like to thank our latest sponsor on the pedicabs, the Lift Expo. Their event was a 2 day exhibition of everything cannabis-related and it took place in the Vancouver convention centre, on the 17th and 18th of September 2016. […]

  • -best hotel booking ever?

    Book a hotel Vancouver Accommodation booking and beautiful map embed. We love the latest innovations and websites, and we haven’t found a better accommodation booking service than Honestly give it a go. Simply type in your destination and hundreds of accommodation options pop up on a map, with walking instructions and places of interest. […]

  • Free Rides to Lululemon’s showcase store

    Free rickshaw rides to yoga event Tikki Tikki move Lululemon’s Vancouver event-goers around the city. How do you get potential customers from one location to another? Easy, get tikki tikki pedicabs to offer them free rides. Lululemon asked us to help bring potential customers who were in town for the SeaWheeze half marathon from the […]

  • Lululemon take yoga Vancouver

    Vancouver goes Yoga crazy Bike taxis transport Sea Wheeze survivors August 12th and 13th sees the Lululemon Sea Wheeze stretch over Vancouver. The event features; a half marathon, an outdoor yoga event in Stanley park, a runners brunch at the convention centre, a product showcase at the down town Lululemon store at Robson and Burrard, […]

  • Tuning SRAM hub gears – Cycles Maximus

    Tuning SRAM hub gears – Cycles Maximus Pedicab Parts and Maintenance. The Cycle Maximus Pedicabs have 3 inner hub gears on them that can be tuned by taking the chassis off. This is done by removing the three 17mm bolts – one in the passenger foot well and two in the rear. There is also a […]

  • How to remove a Cycles Maximus Wheel

    How to remove a Cycles Maximus Wheel Pedicab parts and maintenance. In this series we look at general maintenance and repair of the Cycles Maximus Pedicab. Built like a tank and well worth the money, the cycles maximus is one of the greatest pedicabs ever made. Unfortunately the bike was over complicated from a mechanics […]