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Pedicab Parts and Maintenance.

The Cycle Maximus Pedicabs have 3 inner hub gears on them that can be tuned by taking the chassis off. This is done by removing the three 17mm bolts – one in the passenger foot well and two in the rear. There is also a safety catch on the front which needs to be removed. If the mounts fail this catch stops the chasis from falling back. Remember to put it back on when reattaching the chassis.
hub gears cyles maximus
Removing the chassis gives you easy access to a lot of jobs. The inner hub gears must be kept in tune or they can easily break. Parts are not easily available and many bike shops do not know how to repair them.
hub gears cyles maximus1

In the photo above you can see the axle or inner hub transfer shaft. The black box is called the click box and it attaches to a pin which is pulled on to change gears. With the bike in first (easy) gear you remove the click box by pushing the button in. Make sure it’s out to put it back on. The transfer hubs sometimes move in their dropouts which might cause poor shifting. Now is a good time to tighten it in place. To tune the gears the trike must be in 2nd gear on the inner hub.
hub gears cyles maximus2

Next twist the barrel adjuster (fine tuner) until the yellow line moves into the centre of the ladder, this tunes the gear and as the gears get older it is important to keep on top of this as the inner hubs are designed for a bike not a trike and the extra weight puts pressure on this part causing failure.
The future to pedicab design in our opinion is the NuVinchi hub – no more bent derailleurs caused by driver error.

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