• How can I get a job with tikki tikki?

    The pedicabs are in high demand. Make sure you have up to date BCID like a driving license or health card. You will also need a cell phone so we can communicate with each other and $11 for your license from city hall.






    • We are looking for strong people with a good knowledge of Vancouver. You need to know where the hotels, bars, clubs and restaurants are. It’s late night work – shifts start at 8pm and finish at 4am! Read more here


    Can I ride the pedicab?

    No, you can’t. To limit liability, and ensure compliance with Vancouver’s bylaws, we require that any tikki tikki pedicab used to transport people be driven by a licensed driver. You may hire a pedicab with a driver; you may not hire a pedicab and provide your own driver except in very unusual circumstances.

    Can I book a pedicab for a special occasion?

    Yes you can.
    Whether you’re organising an all-day corporate event , a one-off romantic ride, a wedding or a stagette, we can be there for you. Contact us to discuss dates, times and the number of pedicabs you need.

    Can I advertise my products on the pedicab?

    There are various options for advertising on the Tikki Tikkis.
    Whether you know exactly what you want or you’re still not sure, contact us to talk about options and pricing. With Tikki Tikki Pedicabs, advertising in Vancouver can be targeted, interactive and fun.  office snacks

    What do you do if it rains?

    All the pedicabs have rain covers fitted as standard and blankets should you get cold.

    Are pedicabs safe?

    Statistically pedicabs are safer than walking. In the past 10 years of operation we have never had an accident. Our pedicabs are of very high quality and we check them daily for problems. They are heavy and hard to move around and they travel very slowly. It is virtually impossible to tip them over with weight in the back.

    We are also licensed by city hall. You can read more about how tikki tikki passed pedicab licensing in Vancouver here.

  • Use the Pedicab Forum


    Our manager is the moderator on the pedicab forum. There are plenty of resources on the forum including where you can buy pedicabs and how to fix them. Please note we do not sell pedicabs.