Recent Promotional Work

  • Tikki Tikki Auckland

    Tikki Tikki was born in Auckland. We were two bicycle couriers half way around the world on our pushbikes. We were learning bike mechanics from the Godfather of pedicabs, and a whole crew of young ambitious (business minded) pedicabbers converged on the city for some of the best days of our lives. Do get in […]

  • U2 album launch

    U2 through Universal Music, hired 8 pedicabs to raise awareness of the new album release date on the opening night of their ‘Joshua Tree Tour 2017’ in Vancouver. The pedicabs were used to give free rides and were hugely popular for photographs as the fans entered the stadium.

  • Free Rides Lululemon

    Lululemon were holding the SeaWheeze half marathon in Vancouver and needed to move convention goers to their showcase store. Tikki Tikki provided three bikes and offered free rides to Lululemon clients. We moved over 100 people to the store and were photographed like crazy. What a great bit of customer appreciation.

  • Pedicab documentry

    Tikki Tikki Pedicabs were featured in a documentary highlighting the industry in London. The film is narrated by Sarah, a freelance pedicab mechanic, who worked on most of the 1000 pedicabs in the city. Sarah is a beautiful character who kept the industry alive through her skills not just as a mechanic (the greatest pedicab […]

  • Day of Gluttony

    Google recently got in touch with us to make a food show in down town Vancouver for their Tastemade youtube channel. The film was shot with one of our riders giving two gentlemen rides between 24 restaurants in Vancouver in 24 hours. They looked absolutely stuffed by the end of the day! Share

  • Naked campaign

    Naked Juice approached us with the idea of advertising their brand on the back of our pedicabs. Their campaign ran along side public transit advertising and was a perfect fit for our demographic. We got a lot of feedback from the crowds including people shouting out “Naked. Naked. Let’s get Naked.” Share