Kiwis can’t fly but they can roll

Tikki Tikki Auckland was where it all began.

In 2007 we rocked up to Auckland, NZ fresh from riding across the USA and working as bike messengers in San Francisco. We noticed that the council of Auckland had 8 cycles maximus and 6 mainstreet pedicabs in disrepair and hardly ever out on the streets. We told them we were excellent bike mechanics and were willing to make their idea a success. We enlisted the help of the ‘Godfather’ of Pedicabs who we helped build two awesome pedicabs to work along side us. Many of us met in Auckland with Russell now running pedicabs in London and Vancouver, Jamie cycled pedicabs onward in 7 countries, Sam carried on riding, Gavin now runs a huge fleet in Edinburgh, Tim became the Bikeman in Auckland, Beaker setup in London, Rory setup in Wellington and the Godfather setup in Japan. Something special happened with pedicabs in Auckland way back then.


Beaker, The Godfather (Murray) and Russell


Frocks on bikes 2008: Russell in Ponsonby in the rain.
nz2Rory Templemoose and Gary just leaving the base on the run into the CBD.


Welsh Gavin! Russ and Murray on the hummer: post match beers!


Gavin and Russ fixing the fleet

Were you a pedicab rider in Auckland in 2007/8? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Chur bro!
    Tikki Tikki Auckland is returning to life. I have acquired the name rights and am ordering 3 cabs.

    Miss you Russ.

    Much love.
    Rev. Rory Balderston

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