Advertising Vancouver’s Conventions

The convention centre’s ticket sales get a Lift from outdoor advertising.

We would like to thank our latest sponsor on the pedicabs, the Lift Expo. Their event was a 2 day exhibition of everything cannabis-related and it took place in the Vancouver convention centre, on the 17th and 18th of September 2016.

Tikki Tikki Pedicabs were asked to raise the profile of the exhibition, and to take the Lift Expo event dates to a wider audience. We helped by dressing our riders in the event shirts, and using a billboard on the rear of 7 cabs to raise awareness in the month prior to the convention. The event organizers also asked us to give away free tickets to their exhibition, in return for social media photo uploads, from our passengers taking rides in the cabs, or standing next to a branded driver.

Our drivers gave away over 1000 free entry tickets, and 3000 flyers for discounted entry. Drivers talked about the event with their passengers and displayed adverts all around down town Vancouver for over 400 hours. During the campaign, the expo reported an increase of 1000 likes to their Facebook page, healthy ticket sales and finally a great attendance. The Lift Expo were very happy with their pedicab campaign, and we look forward to working with them again next year.


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