Fruitfull Tricycle – office delivery

Office supply company leases a pedicab for their fruit and snack deliveries.


Tikki Tikki Pedicabs has just launched a new cargo trike for making quick deliveries to down town offices in Vancouver. The cargo trike features a large cargo box at the back which can be used to speed up conventional deliveries. The trike can park right outside the front of an office for delivery, rather than having to waste time and gas in the search for parking. It’s a zero emission option that can really compete. The trike is not available for hire, instead the company has leased the trike to Fruitful Office, one of Vancouver office supply company  that delivers snacks, food and fruit to offices. Fruitfull Offices started with one aim: to improve the lives of office workers. Sarah from Fruitfull Offices explains.

spud speechmark“Providing Fruit to office workers is a win-win for any company. Workers who receive free fruit feel that their company loves them. They in turn become more loyal to their business, they perform better, and they stay at their desk. Its a low cost benefit that makes a big corporate statement.”

The company makes organic grocery deliveries on a Monday and Wednesday, and we wish them well with their zero emission philosophy.

Have you seen the Fruitfull Offices Trike making office deliveries? Let us know below.



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