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7 of the most inspired and controversial billboard ads from around the world.

With the rise of great digital advertising, sometimes traditional advertising can be overlooked. But is social media marketing really as effective as a great located billboard? And what even makes a great billboard? Ask yourself a question, what can cause the drivers to endanger their lives to take a look at your billboard while they’re driving? Great billboards can answer this question well. They should be graphic-oriented, informative, interesting and most importantly, creative.

In this post I’m going to show 7 billboard ads that are extremely creative and attention-grabbing, they are going to prove to you that creativity has no boundaries in advertising, enjoy them all!

Anando Milk: Building. “Considering every child lives in a world of fantasy, the idea was to exaggerate the benefit of milk into almost giving the child superhuman powers.” (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

anando milk building

Australian Childhood Foundation: Invisible. A totally out of the box billboard poster created to dramatize the issue of neglect. You can even see the message ‘Thanks for seeing me’ on the wall, just in case that someone pulled out the plastic model. (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

Australian childhood foundation invisible

Belt Up. The back seat’s no safer, belt up! Well-executed ad to get people feel what will happen during accident, if they do not belt up. (Image Source: Eat Liver)

belt up

Bergey: Sky. A billboard produced by JWT agency from India, which implemented optical illusion to express the message, ‘Natural Finish Colours’, in a clear manner. (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

bergey sky

Bic Razor: Billboard. Sometimes you don’t need to explain how great your product is, just put a razor that ‘shaved’ the grass and the message is deadly clear! (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

bic razor -billboard

BMW: Checkmate. I won’t discuss if this is ethical, but really, I remembered Santa Monica BMW after the first time I saw this ad. After all, it’s funny and attention-grabbing! (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

bmw checkmate

Calgary International Film Festival: Crying Billboard. Only the best firms make it. Best billboard ad that utilizes the water drop in a creative way. (Image Source: Ads Of The World)

Calgary international film festival crying billboard

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Do you think SMM is dead and it’s back to traditional advertising? Let us know below.

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