Things to do in Vancouver

  • Fruitfull Tricycle – office delivery

    Fruitfull Tricycle – office delivery Office supply company leases a pedicab for their fruit and snack deliveries. Tikki Tikki Pedicabs has just launched a new cargo trike for making quick deliveries to down town offices in Vancouver. The cargo trike features a large cargo box at the back which can be used to speed up […]

  • United we can

    United we can Trike mechanics for our friends who can. Gerry the general manager at a recycling centre phoned us up and told us that he had no where left to turn, all the bike mechanics he had been to scratched their heads, and wondered how to get it through their doors. Gerry runs ‘United […]

  • Chasing after the wind

    Chasing after the wind Pedicab legend Jamie crosses the planet by bike taxi. Will he find the end of the roll? Jamie Griffin is perhaps the most well travelled pedicaber in the world. He worked with us at Tikki Tikki Auckland, and Tikki Tikki Sydney. Jamie has also ridden pedicabs in Toronto and London, England. […]

  • Vancouver here we come

    Bike Taxis arrive in Vancouver Tikki Tikki Pedicabs arrive in their 5th country When you’ve worked as an Agrochemical research chemist, given it up to cycle the world, taught English in Japan, been a bike messenger in 4 countries, and run a pedicab businesses in 4 cities, you are going to eventually want to settle […]