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Bike Taxis arrive in Vancouver

Tikki Tikki Pedicabs arrive in their 5th country


When you’ve worked as an Agrochemical research chemist, given it up to cycle the world, taught English in Japan, been a bike messenger in 4 countries, and run a pedicab businesses in 4 cities, you are going to eventually want to settle down. Our founder Russell ended up half away around the planet whith his bicycle and a Canadian wife, and he knew it was time to bring her home. Tikki Tikki has moved to it’s fifth and final location, Vancouver, BC. After shipping the bikes in a 20ft container from central London, it was time to find a down town base (not easy in the most expensive city in the world). Russell set about passing the pedicab licensing enforced by City Hall, and Tikki Tikki is finally ready to roll on the hills of Vancouver. Russell would like to thank everyone who helped with either their words of support, or their help in getting the show on the road. We can’t wait to haul the beautiful people of Canada around Vancouver, and we look forward to your business. Tikki Tikki will still be operating in London and is available for bookings and advertising – please do get in touch.

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