United we can


Gerry the general manager at a recycling centre phoned me up and told me that he had no where left to turn, all theunited we can bike mechanics he had been to see scratched their heads, and wondered how to get it through their doors. Gerry runs ‘United we can‘, a not-for-profit recycling centre in Vancouver. It’s a socially responsible organisation, that employs the homeless and helps them get back into the routine of work, as they sort the city’s resources. They use the trike to collect empties from nearby bars and restaurants. The trike was very run down. We replaced the derailleur, the gear cables and brakes. We repaired the buckled wheels, and added puncture resistant tires on all three wheels. We also added a puncture resistant membrane in between the tube and tire – they told us they work around a lot of broken glass. Finally we lubed the chains, cleaned the frame and left them a brand new pump. United we can.

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