How to remove a Cycles Maximus Wheel

In this series we look at general maintenance and repair of the Cycles Maximus Pedicab. Built like a tank and well worth the money, the cycles maximus is one of the greatest pedicabs ever made. Unfortunately the bike was over complicated from a mechanics point of view. The wheel especially is over engineered and a snapped spoke axle side takes a good hour or two to change.

Tools you will need: Circlip Tool, Slide Hammer, Adjustable Wrench (Socket preferred), 8mm wrench.

cycle maximus wheel removal

1).Take the old wheel off. First remove the axle bolt.

2).Remove the cir-clip from the hub using the cir-clip tool.

cycles maximus wheel1

3).Remove the hub insert cap using the slide hammer. Don’t be afraid to give it a whack but watch your fingers.

4).Now the small hub bolts on the other side can be removed using the 8mm spanner. Be patient this is a frustrating job.

cycles maximus wheel

Be careful not to get grease on the discs as they will not work again if you do. You can buy a cheap brake disc cleaner from a car parts shop. Make sure you have an axle stand for the bike.

Some owners get so frustrated with the Maximus wheel size that they change them for larger 24″ wheels so they can run hook worm tires. You can do this by drilling larger holes in a new rim or reducing the size of the spoke and putting a washer on it as it goes through the hub. If you are looking for new cyles maximus tires or inner tubes, try or click here.

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    • Hi Dave, for the axle simply remove the bolts that are on the brackets for the four bearings. This will remove the whole axle and differential from the frame. Once this is off, you can remove the nuts on the differential and slide out the 4 bolts, this will break open the diff. Mark a line across the diff before you open it so you can put it back together later. Inside the diff are circlips that hold the gears in place. You’ll need a circlip tool to pry them open – take a photo before you disassemble. Then you will need to remove the bearings from the half shafts – i like to grind mine off with an angle grinder until they are very thin then give them a smack with a metal hammer until they crack – don’t angle grind into the half shafts! The bearings have a collar on that needs to be removed first. Undo the little grub screw and knock them off using the other hole, a small chisel and a hammer. Best of luck!

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