• Tikki Tikki Auckland

    In 2007 we rocked up to Auckland, NZ fresh from riding across the USA and working as bike messengers in San Francisco. We noticed that the council of Auckland had 8 cycles maximus and 6 mainstreet pedicabs in disrepair and hardly ever out on the streets. We told them we were excellent bike mechanics and […]

  • Lift Expo Advertising

    We would like to thank our latest sponsor on the pedicabs, the Lift Expo. Their event was a 2 day exhibition of everything cannabis-related and it took place in the Vancouver convention centre, on the 17th and 18th of September 2016. Tikki Tikki Pedicabs were asked to raise the profile of the exhibition, and to […]

  • Free Rides to Lululemon’s showcase store

    How do you get potential customers from one location to another? Easy, get tikki tikki pedicabs to offer them free rides. Lululemon asked us to help bring potential customers who were in town for the SeaWheeze half marathon from the convention centre up to their down town Vancouver showcase store. We used three pedicabs and […]

  • United we can

      Gerry the general manager at a recycling centre phoned me up and told me that he had no where left to turn, all the bike mechanics he had been to see scratched their heads, and wondered how to get it through their doors. Gerry runs ‘United we can‘, a not-for-profit recycling centre in Vancouver. It’s […]

  • Chasing after the wind

    Jamie Griffin is perhaps the most well travelled pedicaber in the world. He worked with us at Tikki Tikki Auckland, and Tikki Tikki Sydney. He has ridden pedicabs in Toronto and London, UK. He recently returned to London with tales of his travels, bought a rig and is currently riding across Denmark to pedicab in […]

  • Vancouver here we come

    When you’ve worked as an agrochemical research chemist, given it up to cycle the world, taught English in Japan, been a bike messenger in 4 countries, and run a pedicab businesses in 4 cities, you are going to end up settling down. Our founder Russell has ended up marrying a Canadian lass and has moved […]