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  • How we work

    At Tikki Tikki we have a large fleet of environmentally friendly, media-savvy bike taxis. We believe in zero emission transport now and for our future. We can take an advertising message to a city audience by wrapping our bikes with client branding, and pedalling our mobile billboards slowly around town. We can create memorable, interactive events for brands, and integrate our service with client social media for data capture, and product give-away. We offer an alternative taxi service, slow-paced tours of Vancouver, and eye-catching guerrilla marketing. Our pedicabs are entertaining, and environmentally conscious.

  • Skills and strengths

    Bike Mechanics


    Outdoor Media

  • Satisfaction guaranteed

    “Many thanks for the memories. I still can’t believe you managed to pedal with all of us on the bike…”

    Author's imageMary Holden1 hour tour of Vancouver 2015
  • Fun facts about us

    5 locations around the world

    We’ve been pedalling pedicabs since 2006. We’ve had a pedicab business in Auckland, Sydney, London, Gothenburg and Vancouver.

Want to know more?

In Vancouver we use Ecotaxis made by Maxpro . Maxpro are considered the industry standard by the LPOA. Tikki Tikki bike taxis come with seat-belts, rain-covers and comfortable seats. They are ridden by trained, licensed, experienced riders and we are covered by general liability insurance.